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Heskins; Materiale antiscivolo all’avanguardia per il futuro


Ci sforziamo sempre di rendere la produzione di materiale antiscivolo il più rispettosa possibile dell’ambiente, riducendo qualsiasi impatto negativo ovunque possibile.

Environmental concerns play an ever bigger part of our business. Our company frequently issues our REACH regulation letters but as a company, we believe that both EU & American legislation will become ever more onerous in regard to the use of chemicals in all industrial products. All our products are now free from Bpa and in the US our liquid ancillaries are below the statutory VOC levels. Any company that trades in either of these markets must seriously consider whether their product meets not only existing legislation, impending legislation but also be able to look deep in the future to plan ahead. In 2010 we initiated a project; to imagine a commercial environment for Heskins where our major plastic would become banned or heavily restricted. We employed an external chemist, spoke with our filmic suppliers and did a huge amount of trial work. We now have a range of anti-slip products (H3430) that are completely free from phthalates, DINP & DEHP; H3430 offers similar properties to our conventional anti-slip materials in terms of CoF levels, adhesion and flexibility. Although the H3430 range is only a very small part of our business we believe that the development work we have done will prove to be a good foundation and all costs devoted to the project will be a sound investment. My personal belief is that most of the flexible plastics used in industry will be heavily restricted in a decade; I want Heskins to be a pioneer in a more sustainable industry ensuring that we continue to offer class-leading anti-slip materials far into the future.

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